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About Lupe

Lupe definitely started out in humble beginnings. As a daughter of migrant workers in the 1950’s her first-hand experience of work gave her an edge in work ethic.

Her father instilled in her,

you should always stick to your standards, never give up, and never look back.

For Lupe, never giving up and treating people right was golden. She is a happy person and offers more than just cleaning services. She offers a trustworthy soul that is naturally genuine that will make anyone feel they are being treated respectfully and fair.


Lupe started cleaning homes in 1997, while working full-time in Lackland Air Force Base on San Antonio’s southwest side. People loved her and her workmanship so much that she resigned and in 1999, she house cleaned full-time and established Lupe’s House Cleaning.

So much has changed since 1997, but one thing to be sure of Lupe knows house cleaning and what her clients’ are looking for. That is why she refuses to charge by the hour for her services and offers the best price for the job.

With that said, Lupe is hands-on, she hardly ever leaves her helpers alone and makes it a point to double, triple, and even quadruple check their work. She does not take shortcuts and she does not allow her helpers to either. Although a sweet person, customers can rest assure that customers’ satisfaction is imperative.

Lupe Morales

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