Ways to Keep your House Clean

Hate cleaning Here are seven ways to keep your house clean and tidy2Hate cleaning? Here are seven ways to keep your house clean and tidy

House cleaning can be a challenge, especially if you are also working full time and don’t have a cleaner to assist you. If you hate cleaning and house chores drive you up the wall, then our tips will allow you to accomplish this task with ease.

  • Learn to multi-task

Multi-tasking can make domestic cleaning much simpler than it sounds. Tasks like sorting letters and filing paper can be easily done alongside other tasks or even during your leisure activities like watching television or listening to music. Use your time wisely and don’t let the papers pile up. Sort out the letters as you walk into your house from work, if you don’t need it just thrash it in the bin, if you need only the letter then bin the envelope.

  • Remind yourself

Remember that a clean house brings better productivity, improved wellbeing, keeps the family happy, creates a comfortable environment for your kids to study in and the best part is that you can walk into a warm and welcoming house after a tired day at work. Constantly remind yourself of the benefits of spending some time tidying the house regularly.

  • Seek help from professional cleanersHate cleaning Here are seven ways to keep your house clean and tidy

If work leaves you no time to keep the house clean, then it is best get help from cleaning services near to you. Depending on your needs these domestic cleaning agencies will not only get your house vacuumed but will also get your kitchen and bathroom looking spotlessly clean. You can also get carpet cleaners to get your carpets professionally cleaned every few months.

  • Reward yourself

If you are not considering getting the services of a cleaning company, then try rewarding yourself for the time you invest in home cleaning. Reward yourself for completing the house chores with your favourite scoop of ice-cream or sink into the couch and watch a movie.

  • Get your family to help you

There is no reason for you to overload yourself with the house chores. Get your family to help you out and ensure that they are doing fair deal of cleaning themselves. Ask your kids to wash up their dishes when they finish eating, wipe the table clean after dinner and put their clothes in the machine for wash. Teach your kids to keep their room orderly, you could even set a schedule for different tasks you assign to each family member. Create a rota system where every week a different person is responsible for hovering the house, dusting the tables and cleaning the dishes.

  • Set up a timetable

Create a cleaning time-table for you and your family to follow. Paste this on the kitchen door or where everyone can easily view it. Mondays could be the day to hover while Tuesdays is for cleaning the bathroom and so on.

  • Buy new goods

If the curtains are too old and dirty, try replacing it with a new one. Sometimes, buying a new lampstand, curtain or cushion covers can give the house a refurbished look. What’s more the new happy environment in the house can possibly create a positive attitude towards cleaning the house.

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