What Makes Lupe’s House Cleaning Different

205015_1998223079177_396541_oWhat makes Lupe’s House Cleaning different?

That is, from other house cleaning companies in San Antonio? Well, it has a lot to do with being a sole proprietor and my motivation to serve people. Although I was established as Lupe’s House Cleaning in 1999, I started cleaning houses in 1995. It was a simple job, but not easy, and the peoples’ houses I cleaned loved my work. That being the case, cleaning houses and making people happy with my services inspire me to continue to offer them.

As a sole proprietor, I usually have one or two people working along with me that are just as hard working as I am. I believe they can attest how important it is for me to do a spectacular job; that means, cleaning even the less obvious places. This brings me to the point that I do not have several crews cleaning houses for me, it is just me with some help.

Throughout the years, I have made several lasting friendships with clients who have come to rely on and trust me. I have cleaned homes that their residents were embarrassed to have me step into and look around. On the other hand, I had had residents who chose to hand over their codes to disarm home security systems when they knew they were not going to be around. I do not require or ask for such favor, but it illustrates the level of confidence clients have in me. Needless to say, I do not shy away from jobs that seem difficult, after all, I am in the business of helping people with their house cleaning needs. Perhaps it is due to my childhood background as a migrant worker, where helping others was essential and tedious jobs was the norm.

An additional reason that makes Lupe’s House Cleaning different from other companies is that I operate on a relationship basis. As a customer myself of local businesses, I understand the importance of flexibility, affordability, and quality. I do not offer strict, detailed house cleaning service plans or costly bundles; I just listen to what customers say they want and how much they can afford. Altogether, my personal goal is to provide customers with their best home cleaning experience that attends to customers house cleaning needs and expectations.

Our House Cleaning Process

205015_1998223079177_396541_oOur House Cleaning Process

I imagine every house cleaning company has their way of doing things, which is great for customers who prefer a certain method. Here, I just want to provide an outline on how we do it. It all starts off with an initial conversation with customers who are looking to have their homes cleaned, either over the phone or through email. What follows is what I am looking to learn from customers:

  • The size of the home: More often than not, customers do not know the size of their homes in terms of square footage, so I usually ask how many bathrooms, bedrooms, floors (stories), and living areas the home has.
  • The type of cleaning: In house cleaning there are different levels of intensity in cleaning, where it may vary on how much cleaning is necessary.
    • Regular cleaning is the least intense, which is performed three times a week to every other week or if the customer regularly upkeeps house cleaning chores and only needs occasional help. It consists of basic house cleaning that does require tasks such as window blinds or ceiling fans.
    • Deep cleaning is the most intense, which is usually performed for first-time cleaning or after a month long interval. This type includes window blinds, ceiling fans, baseboards, and more, in addition to basic house cleaning.
    • Move-ins or Move-outs are for residents who are in the process of moving in or have already moved out of the home. This type of service is similar to deep cleaning, but it may include the cleaning of walls, carpet stains, paint dust, and so forth.
  • Customer’s preferences: Often, customers only want certain areas of their homes cleaned, for instance, only one bedroom or just the bottom floor. Other preferences could be to water the plants or feed the dog, to mention a couple.
  • Frequency and scheduling: Customers have different needs and preferences on how often they would like house cleaning services for their home. Services usually range from three times a week to once a month, or just for a single time.
  • Cost or estimate: Cost is based on a holistic approach of services, rather than by the hour or piecework; I believe it is the most honest approach to setting prices.

The following outline describes our approach to clean a home:

  • Usually, all of us will start cleaning the master bathroom.
  • Once we are near finishing, one of us stays to sweep and mop; while the other two proceed to clean the master bedroom.
  • As a general rule, we almost always start cleaning from the furthest part of the home and the ceiling fans and window sills downward.
  • We approach every room in the same manner we approach the home; from the contents of the furthest wall, then finishing toward the entrance. For example, we will start by dusting picture frames hanging on walls, and then the knick-knacks on tables, and then the floor.
  • In every room (including the kitchen, hallways, and staircases) we dust/clean before we sweep, mop or vacuum.

I think I covered everything that may be of curiosity to customers, but if you think information about a particular process should be included here, please leave a comment.