House to clean

A team of 4 ladies came to  house to clean.  They swept all floors; cleaned tub, toilet, sink in bathroom; cleaned sink in kitchen, mopped kitchen floor; dusted all furniture.

However, the service is rather loosey-goosey when it comes to arriving near to time.  And they do not call when they know they will be an hour late.  They do call just before leaving the previous house, but when it becomes clear to them they will be very late, they do not call.

They did a passable job — not stand up and applaud outstanding, but very workmanlike. The level of work was not worth the price charged.

Because of the high price and less than wonderful level of work, we discontinued their services and are using a ervice we found on another site. July 24, 2015 form Angie’s List by Tanya Evers