Complete house cleaning

We bought a deal for complete house cleaning for $107. We set up the appointment for Mar 31 morning. They were around 2 hours late (they were in constant touch with us, but surely messed up our morning plans). When they arrived, they refused to honor the deal we purchased from Angieslist. They said there was some issue with angieslist website, and for the price we paid, they cannot do the complete house clean, hence will NOT clean window sills, blinds and other stuff that was specifically mentioned in the deal we bought. When we called angieslist, we were told that the only thing they can do is provide a refund. I understand that angieslist may have erroneously displayed this deal. But this was an issue between angieslist and Lupe’s House Cleaning. It surely was not my mistake, so why should I have to suffer? If one of my potential customers came across the issue such as mine, I would honor this deal, and then work with angieslist to sort it out. I would not make an innocent customer pay for a potential misunderstanding between me and angieslist. By doing what they did, Lupe’s Housing Cleaning has lost a potential long term customer. So I have requested a refund from angieslist, and would not do business with Lupe’s House Cleaning again. April 01, 2015 from Angie’s List by Nikesh Vora

Our Response

Hi Nikesh,
I sincerely apologize for not completing the job of cleaning your home. As a consumer and business owner, I understand that the trust between a service provider and customer is the most important aspect of the relationship. Therefore, I totally empathize with your resentment towards us. Although my explanation may not change your views, I would like to explain the situation, in which, you may disregard it all together. Months ago, we posted deals that were for deep cleaning services, we recently changed those deals to basic cleaning along with the pricing. To our disappointment, we realized that only the type of cleaning services and prices were changed, not the description of the services, thus putting us in a bind. You are right; this is not at all your fault or mistake. Lupe’s House Cleaning will be the greatest sufferer in this situation, and as anyone who commits a mistake should also admit to it; this is a lesson well learned. Thank you for your appraisal of Lupe’s House Cleaning.