Ways to Keep your House Clean

Hate cleaning Here are seven ways to keep your house clean and tidy2Hate cleaning? Here are seven ways to keep your house clean and tidy

House cleaning can be a challenge, especially if you are also working full time and don’t have a cleaner to assist you. If you hate cleaning and house chores drive you up the wall, then our tips will allow you to accomplish this task with ease.

  • Learn to multi-task

Multi-tasking can make domestic cleaning much simpler than it sounds. Tasks like sorting letters and filing paper can be easily done alongside other tasks or even during your leisure activities like watching television or listening to music. Use your time wisely and don’t let the papers pile up. Sort out the letters as you walk into your house from work, if you don’t need it just thrash it in the bin, if you need only the letter then bin the envelope.

  • Remind yourself

Remember that a clean house brings better productivity, improved wellbeing, keeps the family happy, creates a comfortable environment for your kids to study in and the best part is that you can walk into a warm and welcoming house after a tired day at work. Constantly remind yourself of the benefits of spending some time tidying the house regularly.

  • Seek help from professional cleanersHate cleaning Here are seven ways to keep your house clean and tidy

If work leaves you no time to keep the house clean, then it is best get help from cleaning services near to you. Depending on your needs these domestic cleaning agencies will not only get your house vacuumed but will also get your kitchen and bathroom looking spotlessly clean. You can also get carpet cleaners to get your carpets professionally cleaned every few months.

  • Reward yourself

If you are not considering getting the services of a cleaning company, then try rewarding yourself for the time you invest in home cleaning. Reward yourself for completing the house chores with your favourite scoop of ice-cream or sink into the couch and watch a movie.

  • Get your family to help you

There is no reason for you to overload yourself with the house chores. Get your family to help you out and ensure that they are doing fair deal of cleaning themselves. Ask your kids to wash up their dishes when they finish eating, wipe the table clean after dinner and put their clothes in the machine for wash. Teach your kids to keep their room orderly, you could even set a schedule for different tasks you assign to each family member. Create a rota system where every week a different person is responsible for hovering the house, dusting the tables and cleaning the dishes.

  • Set up a timetable

Create a cleaning time-table for you and your family to follow. Paste this on the kitchen door or where everyone can easily view it. Mondays could be the day to hover while Tuesdays is for cleaning the bathroom and so on.

  • Buy new goods

If the curtains are too old and dirty, try replacing it with a new one. Sometimes, buying a new lampstand, curtain or cushion covers can give the house a refurbished look. What’s more the new happy environment in the house can possibly create a positive attitude towards cleaning the house.

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Tips on cleaning upholstery

Cleaning upholstery the easy way2Cleaning upholstery the easy way

Does your soiled sofa make you think twice before you invite friends home for dinner? Sure, dirty furnishings can make your house look unappealing but there are ways to transform your upholstery, making it look as good as new. To maintain the look and feel of your carpet it is important to avail the services of professional cleaners to make your furnishings look spotless.

It is important to keep your furniture clean so as to prevent any pollutants, allergens  or bacteria from making an abode there. Here is our guide to how you can clean your furniture fabric by following a few easy to do steps.

  • Wash the fabric

If your furniture cover is removable then simply check the care label and give them a good rinse in the washing machine. For delicate materials you can even consider hand washing. If you are hand washing the fabric, then keep them drenched in a bucket of soapy water for about 30 minutes before you rinse it clean. Make sure that you use only good quality detergents so that the quality of the fabric is retained.

  • Spot clean

It is best to clean the upholstery instantly when it is stained than wait for hour or days. If you have just spilled some coffee on the sofa, the immediately use some water and detergent to wipe it clean. Sprinkle some water and detergent on the stained part, you can even use hand wash liquid for light fabrics. When using detergent always remember to dilute it sufficiently. Do not soak your fabric with water; use a very small amount of water. Use a dry and clean cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth to drench the extra water.  Allow your furniture to dry naturally.

  • Drying the fabric

It is best to allow the fabric to dry naturally. However if you are in a hurry then it is best to use a hair dryer to quickly dry the sofa. Open up the windows to allow the wind and breeze to dry the material. Avoid hanging the fabric directly under the sun rays as it may change the colour of the material.

  • Wipe clean

For a quick solution you can also use baby wipes or any other similar wet wipes. They take off the stains instantly without soaking the fabric. Be careful not to scrub too much or you will loosen the threads of the fabric.

  • Vacuum regularly

Most hovers have small attachments that can be used to vacuum your sofa fabric. Regular sofa cleaning can help increase the life of the fabric and overall condition of the material. Using a hover will help prevent dust from collecting on your sofa and also get rid of any bacteria or other allergens. Ensure that you use the right attachment while vacuuming; a soft brush attachment would be perfect.

If you don’t wish to take the hassle of cleaning the upholstery yourself, then you can use the service of cleaning contractors. It is recommended that you professionally clean your upholstery at least twice a year. These sofa cleaners use professional equipment and cleaning materials to reinstate your furniture to its original condition. So, whether you decide to clean up the fabric yourself or get it done by cleaners, either ways getting it cleaned regularly will help to prolong the life of the fabric and  save you the cost of buying a new one.

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Cleaning upholstery the easy way

Carpet Cleaning

Most Common Carpet Cleaning IssuesMost Common Carpet Cleaning Issues

The carpeting in your home is an important addition to the interior of any rooms. Apart from looks, carpet offer a sense of warmth and just feel a lot comfortable having a beautiful and soft piece to lay your feet on. Carpets, however, need to be cleaned regularly in order to maintain their good looks and not just be a breeding ground for dust and germs.

Some think that carpet cleaning is an easy task, but it can actually be time and effort-consuming. It requires the right tools for the job, and also a good knowledge of the carpet and what methods exactly to turn to in order to keep it in shape.

Carpet cleaning is one task you will have to perform at least once a week to make sure that no dust and dirt accumulates within the carpet. In high traffic areas there is usually a need of an even more regular service. If you are too busy and unable to provide this, you can consider hiring professional carpet cleaning service. Carpet cleaners have expert gear that can easily take care of cleaning in your carpet. They will use methods and techniques, which are efficient and will not harm the carpet in any way, regardless of how delicate it is.

If you want to perform this task on your own, you need to arm yourself with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming every week should be more than enough to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on your carpet. Areas that see more traffic, however, should be paid more regular attention. Vacuum slowly and go over the carpet area several times to ensure proper cleaning and deal with the deeply ingrained particles in the carpet.

Spills and various stains can be a little trickier to handle, as they occur accidentally most often, but can have long lasting negative effects on your carpet. For this reason, the sooner after the accident you treat the area, the better. Such issues will normally disappear easier when you act till they are still fresh. You can use a wide number of carpet cleaning solutions, but in order to pick the most effective one you should do some research on what works with your carpet. Some methods for cleaning hold possible side-effects, such as discoloration, and for this reason you should test the product first before using it.

If the carpet in your home is in dire condition, such as it puffs a cloud of dust when you run across a certain section of it, then you need to consider a deep carpet cleaning service. This requires a shampooer to agitate the carpet with and rinsing it afterwards with an extractor. Just as with treating your carpet with a cleaning solution for stains, you need to make sure that you test that the product you are using will not harm the carpet.

These cleaning techniques can usually be used for any kind of carpeting that you have in your home. But to make sure that the carpet receives the best treatment, you should do a proper research and tests first. Read more helpful tips on this website

Most Common Carpet Cleaning Issues2